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Our Consultancy Team

AC&A's team is made up of our network of consultants in Asia Pacific and our operational support staff in Hong Kong, known for their efficiency and service commitment.

AC&A provides unmatched value to your process and productivity improvement, and various training initiatives.  Our consultants all possess extensive education backgrounds, but more importantly we emphasize a broad foundation of experience in various industries.  Accumulation of experience and insights in multi-facets of business facilities consultancy that takes into account all related contingencies which could be affected. 

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Our Principal Trainer & Consultant
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Dr. Rita Wan
ACIS, Phd, MBA, BA, FHKQMA, CSSMBB, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Six Sigma Qualified Black Belt Trainer, 7-Habit Facilitator, Adjunct Professor of University of Northern Virginia (HK Campus)

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Dr. Wan is our Director and Principal Consultant.  She has over 18 years local and regional experience in process re-engineering and service quality.  Her experience in industry as an improvement specialist and internal consultant comes from working with various companies, including DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd., HSBC Trustee, Citic Ka Wah Bank, American Insurance Assurance (Bermuda) Co. Ltd., G2000 (Apparel) Co.   Dr. Wan is a Certified Master Black Belt (CSSMBB) and certified Black Belt Trainer, holds a Master Degree in Finance from Sheffield Hallam University and a PhD Degree in Management at Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology.  She is now the Adjunct Professor of University of Northern Virginia.

Before Dr. Wan started AC&A, she has worked for DBS Bank (Hong Kong) and HSBC where she gained extensive experience applying Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies to a variety of local and cross-regional  processes and developed and coached Yellow Belts and Green Belts.  

Dr. Wan has successfully developed Six Sigma and Lean deployment strategies, training and project coaching for both Service and Manufacturing Industries.  Her broad experience across many industries and disciplines such as 7-habit helped her gain insight on how to apply Six Sigma and Lean methods not only to business processes but also personal improvement.  She has led workshops on how to manage personal life through Six Sigma.

Dr. Wan walks her talk by leading Six Sigma regional projects and shares her experiences through trainings.  She has led over 60 waves of Six Sigma Green Belt courses in AC&A, HKU Space, Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, Intertek Co. Ltd. , over 30 waves of Six Sigma Black Belt courses in AC&A, CityU SCOPE, Hong Kong Productivity Council, over 100 waves of Six Sigma and Lean seminars in AC&A, YMCA, MTR Corporation Ltd., and HKU Space.  She was invited as the keynote speaker in Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium to share her experience in Service Six Sigma.  Dr  Wan has trained over 2000 professionals in Lean and Six Sigma.

Besides Six Sigma and Lean, Dr. Wan has other management and training experience.  She had led workshops of Team Building, Achieving Strategic Competitive Edges through Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard, Enhancing Personal Effectiveness, Complaint Handling, Application of Balanced Scorecard in Supply Chain companies, Customer Relationship Management Seminar, Mastering Business Changes with Customer-Centric Evolution, CRM & Data Mining, Balanced Scorecard workshop in various companies and organizations including Hong Kong Quality Management Association, Professional Group of Business Management in Specialized Section in Management & Design (SSMD), IEE Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University Continuing Education, TAP manufacturing company, Macau Monetary Authority, Dew Pont Company Ltd. 

Dr. Wan was the lecturer of various MBA and Professional Diploma course in universities including University of Leicester, Northern Virginia University and Hong Kong Baptist University Continuing Education. She devoted to the development of Quality in non-profit making organizations.  She is the Executive Committee Chairman of International Six Sigma Council.

Some of her accomplishment include:

  • Directed local and cross-regional Improvement Projects in multi-national companies including DBS Bank, HSBC, Cita Ka Wah Bank, Airport Authority HK, Neoderm Co. Ltd, ING Asia Ltd., Mattel Co. Ltd., Toystate Co. Ltd., Radio Shack Co. Ltd., Hospital Authority, Housing Authority, Education Bureau with saving over  HK$75 mil
  • Developed Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belts of over 2,000.
  • Deployment of 7-habit into organizational culture change and led 7-habit workshops of 100 participants
  • Top Rated Six Sigma and Lean Instructor from "Good" to "Excellent"

 Some of our consultants include:

Clara Yuen

Ms. Yuen has over 15 years of human resources management and business consulting experiences in finance and banking.  Clara got her Master Degree of Management in Human Resources Management from the MacQuaire University in Australia.  She has extensive training experiences and has conducted trainings in Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Ladies Dynamic Association, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Union, Po Leung Kuk, the Funart Children Academy.  She is also a trainer and guest speaker in University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, City University, University of Macau and the Economic Times Business College. 

Clara is now a Certified Enterprise Trainer of PRC, Certified NLP Trainer (IANLP, ABNLP, INLPA), Certified IPMP Trainer, Certified NLP Master Practitioner (NLP University, ABNLP, IANLP, INLPA), Certified NLP Coach (INLPA), Certified Meta-State Practitioner (ISNS), Registered Hypnotherapist (ABH, IHA), Registered Timeline Therapy Practitioner (TLTA, INLPA)




CM Tang 


CM Tang has over 24 years of working experience in areas of IT, HR, management consultant, and training.  He has been working for both western corporations as well as PRC state-owned enterprises in business areas of department stores, supermarkets, logistics, warehouses, I/E trade, IT consultation, etc. This enables his management training programs and consultation work are full of life cases that are relevant to the local environment as well as to the PRC situations.  CM is keen in delivering seminars and training workshops to executives in integrating and blending technological, managerial and business opportunities. Advising senior executives and middle management to motivate and lead staff at all levels to accept and drive new challenges of work is one of his strength.  Communication and effective team-building are also two of his strength.





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