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AC&A clients / participants testimonials

AC&A has worked with different companies and conducted various public training on six sigma and consultancy projects.  We have accumulated diversified training and consulting experience in providing the right solutions to individuals who would like to become a Six Sigma professional and to organizations with diversified cultures, participants and business challenges.  Our effective outcomes have earned immense appreciation from our clients and participants.   As part of expressing their satisfaction, our clients/participants have honoured us with their written testimonials to acknowledge our performance and recommend us to other companies.  We will continue our very best in professional training and consultancy in every project we do.

Here are some of the compliments from our clients/participants


I am really lucky to join this course.  All the classmates can work on a project and can have more interactions.  The experience is really precious.  Hope that all the classmates can apply what we learnt from the course on our workspace or personal life.  Really thanks for your and Dr. Chan's teaching and kind guidance. (on behalf of LBB-35 classmates)

Sonia Siu (LBB35)

I am grateful to you for all the things that you taught in these two classes.  I learn so many new things and practised in the simulation 

Odysseus Chau (LBB35)

Thank you Rita, for the past 6 months teaching us.  It's such pleasure joining your class and being one of your students. 

Anson Hui (LBB33)

Thank you sooooo much for your patient and professional coaching these few months.  I do enjoy the lessons and did learn a great deal from you - not only technical knowledge on lean six sigma but also the soft skills which is very crucial for being a consultant/change management professional. 

Joey Cheng (LBB32)

Thank you Rita for sharing of your valuable experience all along our six sigma classes.

Jenny Cheung (LBB31)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for organizing a course that is so well designed for people in the field of Lean Six Sigma. I felt like that I had an uplift in many aspects including project management skill, facilitation skill, team work skill and of course Six Sigma Black Belt skill. Rita is professional and possess valuable practical experiences to demonstrate vivid examples of the application of knowledge learnt in the class. 

I particularly enjoyed the two day simulation. Rita was able to coach us to use all the tools we learnt in a practical example. This workshop learning walks me through a high level Six Sigma project from start to end. I felt confident that I would be able to execute a Six Sigma project after the simulation.

Ray Chung (LBB30)

From the simulation, I learned a lot.  Thank you so much, Rita.

Cheryl Fung (LBB30)

Thanks Rita for your excellent teaching and guidance throughout the public class I attended, the 2 days simulation and my final submission of the black belt project. The real life cases applying six sigma methodologies which you shared with us are the most inspiring and useful. Nowadays, when I come across queries or issues both from work or from leisure activities, I sometimes would try to answer or solve them with six sigma logic or tools.

Phoebe Lei, Bank of China (HK) Ltd. (LBB27)

Thanks Rita, you provide such a great course that contains so much useful information within shortest amount of time.   I learn many tools that are very useful and practical to my work.  You run the course in such a professional way and sharing many many real life case that make your class so special.  I highly recommend my colleagues and friends to take your course and sure that they can gain and learn much more than they expected.  It is not just theory, it is practical and useful.  I'm so glad that I have chance to take your course and learn so much from it.  Be honest, it helps to build my career.   Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Candy Tsui, Bank of China (HK) Ltd. (LBB27)

Many thanks, Rita.  Your comments are always make us move on.  Hearfelt thanks for your vuluable teaching and hope both you and AC&A have a bright future.

Johnathan Wong (LGB53)

Thank you Rita.  We treasure all precious experiences you shared to us in the class. 

Jennifer Chu (LGB52)

Rita, it is so nice to know and learn from you as you are expert in this area plus wealth of knowledge.  Looking forward to learn more from you in the coming future.  Thanks for your great effort and loving heart in teaching us. 

Patrick Wu (LGB49)

Thanks Rita for your timely reply and the project document looks great all because of your good teaching plus guidance. 

Stephen Li (LGB48)

We would like to thank Dr. Wan for the guidance and support during the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program.  We are glad that we are graduated finally after all the hard work and fun inside. 

Ricky Tang (Bills Center, Bank of Communications)

Thanks Rita, we really enjoy the course.  It is great!  Thank you so much! 

Candy Tsui (LBB27) 

Thanks Rita, you provide the best course that contains so much useful information within shortest amount of time, many many real life sharing make your class so special.  And, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 

Edward Suen (LBB27) 

Rita, we appreciate for your time to review the project.  Though the class was short, we have gained signficant amount of Six Sigma knowledge and tools from you!  We understood that this was just the beginning, so will continue applying the tools at work and advancing black belt certificate in the future.  Thank you. 

Vivian Chan and the team (LGB44) 

Rita, I would like to take the chance to thank you for your patience and professionalism for the past few months during my study.  These two days' simulation test was of great use and benefit to me.  Thank you very much! 

Timothy Cheung (LBB24) 

Rita, the last 2 days simulation workshop is really useful.  It makes us to understand what a six sigma black belt should be. 

Keith Chan (BB21) 

It is the hardest subject I have never learnt.  However, it is fun and enjoyable for the whole learning process.  Rita, you are not only teaching us the course details, but also very important that you did inspire us to apply those knowledge into our current job.  By the way, thanks God that we have a lot of funny and helpful classmate.  We enjoyed interaction and teamwork.

Thomas Wong (BB21) 

Rita, I send my hearfelt gratitude to you and the fellow consultants like CO and Terry.  I enjoy very much in learning from you and studying with the class.  It is always with highest quality (Z level 6) with regards to the tutorial, practice and material sharing, etc.  I do have fun at all times.  Thank again and wish you all the best.

Peter Lo (BB21) 

Rita, on behalf of the team, I would like to express our thanks to you.  We have really learned a lot during the process

Nora Kwok (Hospital Authority, HKEC) 

Rita, we are not only learning a lot but also enjoy the class so much.  Thanks for share your actual experience to make the class not just in concept.  6 Sigma is really need to apply in our daily routine.

Thomas Wong (GB33-C) 

Rita, thanks a lot for your teaching.  No matter how rate of the exam and homework, we did found that we have learnt a lot and so eager to apply it on our daily work.

Thomas, Gary, Alan and Edward (GB33) 

Rita, we appreciate very much your training.  Most of our colleagues have positive feedback on the training.  Overall speaking, it is useful and the learning could be applied to our job.

Alan Tam (The Dairy Farm Company Ltd. )

Rita, thank you so much for your guidance and advice in the past several months.  Although I am a novice in six sigma and lean, I hope I could apply from what I have learnt from you.  I hope I can run some small scale six sigma projects in our unit in the coming future.  The last but not the least, thanks for all the help that you have given to me.

Lee Chun Heung (Hospital Authority, HKEC)

Rita, thank you for your kind words and encouragement during the whole course. More importantly, I feel honour to be one of your students and the sharing of your insights have strenghtened my commercial exposure.  Wihtout further ado, I want to say two magic words "Thank you".

Herrick Wong (BB-18)

Rita, many thanks for your help to guiding us to this tough road of success - Six Sigma Black Belt.  Although it is not easy to understand, your coaching, teaching and experience sharing help me to understand more and make the class more interesting.  Here, I would like to express my sincereness and thank for your and C.O. Chan's leading our knowledge into the new dimension.

Frankie Chan (BB-16)

Rita, it was an enjoyable journey throughout, thank you so much for your valuable time & efforts during the course.

Mason Ma (BB-16)

Rita, thank you for your teaching and guidance.  You have helped me to update my "antique knowledge". I sincerely hope that I can catch up step by step. I think that I have made a right choice to join your education Institute.

Herrick Wong (GB29)

Rita, on behalf of our project team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the support and helpful advice.  We have learned a lot on the lean management and definitely it is very useful for ourselves and for the department

Eric Wong, Hospital Authority

Congratulations to the great work of our Project Team and the AC&A Coaching/Training Team!! We are not only succeeding in the project final report but the corporation work between us and the AC&A training team.  Therefore I wish to express my thanks to the training team and our project team members for their contribution.

Betty Leung, Hospital Authority

Rita, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and guidance throughout the whole project.  With your support, we can complete our projects on schedule.

Dr Chin, Q A Manager, Heraeus Ltd.

Dr Rita is really professional, and this was the 1st time Iearnt about Six Sigma methodology, and very useful and worked. Though I have learnt for ISO 9000 etc., but Six Sigma is really a methodology of science ( based on D. M. A. I. C. ), since I do not have time, just finish the Green Belt only, I really want to learn more from Dr Rita for Black Belt later on when I have more time, thanks a lot Rita - Great Professor ..."

Raymond Chong, Director of Technical Design and Development at Manchu Times Fashion

 "Rita, thanks for your professional training in 6 Sigma lessons.  Honestly, 6 sigma lessons really wider and change my mind when I face the problem.  It lets me know I should not think or brainstorm the solution just come after the problem but skip to carefully find out the root cause, measure and analysis the data, etc."

Johnny Wong (GB26)

  "I am particularly thankful to my team member's contribution and Rita's coaching.  All these really strengthen my knowledge and skill to become a professional consultant in future."

Andona Lai (GB26)

"We have fun at your class and have learnt a lot about the Six Sigma methodology.  Thanks, Rita"

Gilson Chua (GB25)

"Rita, AC&A Six Sigma Black Belt course broadened my horizons on how to look into a problem, to explore the behind opportunities and benefits, and to unlatch the power of data.  Your professional teaching, your great patience and coaching skill as well as your generous sharing of experience made this course difference.  Last but not least, I, especially enjoy the 2 days simulation game, it inspired me a lot."

Richard Yuen, Managing Director, A-Solution Learning Space Limited (BB13)

"Thanks a lot Rita.  6 sigma indeed is very useful in my work.  Wish had taken it earlier."

Dennis Leung (BB12)

"I would like to say a very big thank you to you and CO Chan for your excellent teaching and the arrangement for the whole syllabus."

Hannius Teh (BB12)

"Rita, I received very good and positive feedback from our colleagues about your professional delivery and they all expressed they've learnt a lot.  I sincerely thank you for your kind efforts."

Alice Ma, Manager, L&D, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited

"Rita, we all appreciate your professional coaching and guidance in forming the project team and put Six Sigma into practice.  This is indeed an enjoyable project with all teamates contributing and working cohesively to deliver the final project (after the 2 day workshop).  Thank you very much again!"

BB11 students

"Rita, your kind guidance and advice contribute so much to me for learning Lean Six Sigma and of course passing the ASQ CSSBB exam!"

Alex Lo (BB10)

"Rita, want to tell u that your delivery of class is really professional and super.  We've learned a lot from you!"

Amy Chan (GB19)

"Rita, many thanks for your great teaching, effort, patience and the generous sharing of your experience with us.   I learned a lot in this course, in particular the way to look at a problem and the potential opportunities and benefits that every problem brings."

Sony Lee (BB10)

"Rita, I'd also like to thank you for your patience, guidance, knowledge and inspiration. You are truly a wonderful teacher."

Iris Chong (BB10)

"The secret to enjoying your work and life is concentrated on doing the most important thing at the present and finally complete it.  If you believe this too, you should be happy and enjoyable as same as me during the last two days workshop in the "War Room" of AC&A.  Six Sigma broadened my horizons, not only from Rita's sharing of knowledge and experience without reserve, but also from the course of collaboration with BB-10 team."

Alex Lo (BB10)

"Rita, I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for the session that you run for us last week.  The feedback has been very positive and I would again echo my comment; the content was very appropriate but just as importantly your engaging and personable style is what made the difference to the attendee's."

Paul Szumilewicz, Regional Director of IT & Operations, Lloyds TSB Bank

"Rita, I found your seminar most interesting, informative, stimulating and interactive among the audience."

Stephen Leung, Country Manager, Pfizer

"Rita, thanks so much for your tireless efforts and patience during these months.  Your sharing of real life Six Sigma experience is especially inspiring.  I can learn a lot and it is an enjoyable experience attending your class."

Bryan Kong (BB09)

"Rita, thanks for your help and knowledge sharing in the past months.  It is really helpful to both pass the exam (ASQ CSSBB) and experience what Six Sigma is."

Tommy Cheng (BB07)

"Dr. Wan, thanks for your wonderful and interactive talk, and share with us your valuable experience."

Johan Hui (Focus Group)

"Rita, I would like to express my sincere thank you for your effort and support on my studying throughout the Six Sigma courses and get successfully graduated.  I really learn and gain wonderful experience from the courses.  I will highly recommend the course to everyone I know."

Arthur Lee (BB-07)

"Rita, just want to share with you that I finally graduated as Green Belt and thanks for your training which support me a lot."

Dakki Tam (Assistant Product Marketing Manager, Philips Automotive Lighting)

 "Rita, I am so glad to share with you, thanks to your help.... Hope to learn more from you in future days.  Thanks very much for your coach."

Christine Ji (Manager of Process Management (Improvement) Section, Pacific-Antai Life Insurance Co. Ltd.)

"Rita, you are a great teacher!"

Josephine Cho (LSSBB-01)

"Rita, thank you very much for your valuable comments.  It is our right choice to study six sigma with you.  Thank you for giving such professional lessons to us and sharing your experience with us"

Henry Chan (LSSGB-04)

"I also wish to express my gratitude to Rita for your valuable and professional guidance throughout the whole course."

KY Ng (BB-06)

"Thank Rita for her putting together and offering this course which I have been very satisfied with.  There is a lot more to practice and learn for me!"

"Generally, the whole methodology is much better understood, especially after the simulation project, and the exercise opportunity.  One must have a very clear idea of the purpose of each tool and each step.  Even basic reminders like "state x & y", state objectives, etc."

Mark Huang (BB-06)

"The soft skill and practical experience sharing by Rita is impressive.  I learnt much more when I attend this class with more experience classmates asking sensible questions with lots of laugh.  That is why I still struggle to attend the class after OT work."

Veronica Ma (BB-05)

"Anyway, I wanted to thank you all (Rita, CO, Clara, and of course my fellow classmates) for taking care of me during this 3 months and given me a lot of handy tips.  BB-04 was great fun, and it was very great to have this experience."

W H Yu (BB-04)

"I love the simulation games.  Fun and inspiring."


"I would like to express my sincerely thanks to Rita for her guidance & patience in BB training sessions.  I believe that all of us would agree that Rita is a wonderful trainer who makes boring and difficult subjects become interesting and easy in the class.  Thank you so much, Rita....."

Keith Cheung

"The well-structured program has offered me valuable opportunities to learn more about Six Sigma. The instructors and guest speakers have in-depth professional knowledge about various topics, and their approaches to stimulate your interest and participation were memorable.  Rita has shared her real-world experiences in consulting and project management from various industries, with strong emphasis on our understanding and practices of Six Sigma topics. The application of various tools and her inspiration of our thoughts in class are extremely useful for the Black Belts. The program is definitely a good investment and valuable asset for my personal and career development."

Raymond Lam (BB01)

"Rita is a very good lecturer who drives up our interest of learning.  Throughout the course, we learned so much on the practical experience and sharing from the team members.  Moreover, lecturers provide us plenty of opportunities to exercise and practice the knowledge and tools."

Lau Ting Ting (BB01)
800 Teleservices HK Ltd.

"Lecturers have great courtesy to share their professional knowledge."

Miu Ng (BB01)
Hutchison Telecom

"AC&A is highly recommended to all of those who want to learn and/or use six sigma in their areas."

Thomas Mok (BB01)
Associated Engineers, Ltd.

"We really appreciate Rita's guidance to the group and the Six Sigma course really benefit our staff on their daily works and further development."

Gloria Cho

"I am appreciated that real life examples are used to enlighten students from conceptual theories and tools.  I am looking forward to a marvelous Six Sigma Black Belt course in AC&A by Rita Wan."

Patrick Tong, Director (BB01)
Whole Brain Intelligence Training Center

"Rita provided in-depth knowledge and practical view of Six Sigma that could definitely help us to develop the professional knowledge and apply in real world."

Wallace Lai, ASQ Certified Black Belt

"Rita has given clear and in-depth explanation of Six Sigma concept in class.  Thus, students from different background can understand and apply them.  Moreover, she encourages students from different industry to share their knowledge/experiences in order to make the course more practical.  She is one of the best trainers that I have met."

Regal Wong, ASQ Certified Black Belt

  "Rita is a great instructor & facilitator and provides great comment in our six sigma project.  She is very experienced and is very practical in leading the six sigma project."

F K Tang (GB03)

  "Rita is a good lecturer.  The course enlightened me."

Rennie Lam (GB03)

 "Rita has in-depth knowledge and practical experience in Six Sigma.  She inspired my interest to further study AC&A Black Belt course."

Alex Cheng (GB03 & BB01)

"Rita has shared with us great overviews and exercises that helped me understand the logic of using six sigma tools"

Ko Tak Him (GB03)
Roche Diagnostics (HK) Ltd.

"Great course and great instructors!  Certainly I will recommend AC&A Six Sigma training to everyone in my company.  Rita is a great instructor, not only has wide range of knowledge, but also has solid experiences on how to implement the six sigma logic into the real process.  This is very important to me as a learner."

Andy Chung (GB03)

"Great time to enjoy the Green Belt class.  Great knowledge and Great Instructor."

Calvin Lam (GB03)

"The sharing of experience by trainer is very useful and practical.  Rita keeps the course lively and interesting."

Susanne Sun (GB03)

"Best of Class", most inspiring and down-to-earth examples."

Godfrey Chung (GB03)


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