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Reasons to choose AC&A Lean Six Sigma Training Course





         You can enroll our Six Sigma Green Belt course with price below HK$1,100 after application for Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

         If you have statistical background, you can apply for exemption of our statistical part and pay a lower price.

         If you get Six Sigma Green Belt training in house or hold Six Sigma Green Belt qualification with statistical background, you will pay only less than HK$4,100 after reimbursement from CEF to enroll our Black Belt course

         Very few Green Belt courses with CEF

         Although with CEF, some training providers require you to enroll both Green Belt and Champion courses

         You cannot exempt Statistical part in the Black Belt course.  You will waste time and money in repeating what you have learned in university.

Public Exam Result

         AC&A graduates got excellent results in public examinations.  Over half of the qualified
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) 
granted by ASQ are AC&A graduates
in 2009 and 2010.

         Over 80% of AC&A graduates
passed the ISSC Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt examinations.

         A lot of training organizations do not encourage their students to attend the public examination. 

Program Leader

         Six Sigma Master Black Belt with full Six Sigma project coaching and deployment experience

         Full time Six Sigma consultant with numerous six sigma consultancy jobs with international companies. 

         Professional standard with PhD

         Wide experience in both Service and Manufacturing fields

         May not specialized in Six Sigma

         Some have no six sigma deployment experience


Course lecturers

         Only Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt with six sigma project experience will be employed

         In order to maintain the quality of the course, AC&A will not keep on changing the lecturers.

         AC&A always conduct regular meetings with lecturers to understand the needs of the students and to accommodate the updated knowledge and business world changes in the course.

         As AC&A is the six sigma consultant in the business world, it can bring what the six sigma company required to the class and prepare students to face the tight requirements of the companies recruiting six sigma professionals.

         As there are limited supplies of Six Sigma consultants, some of the training providers will only employ part-time lecturers.

         Some of the lecturers do not have six sigma deployment experiences.  They claimed themselves as Master Black Belt but without the experience of being a Master Black Belt in the past

         As the lecturers are part-time, they may keep changing the lecturer during the course due to the sudden unavailability of some lecturers.

         As those lecturers are part-time, they may not know what happened in the real six sigma business world and cannot bring lively examples to the class.

Course Structure

         As companies in the business world require real project deployment experience even for a Six Sigma Green Belt, AC&A consultants will help students in the course to complete a real project.

         In the Black Belt course, the students are required to practice their Six Sigma Black Belt skills in a 2-day simulation workshop so that the Six Sigma Master Black Belt can coach them hand-in-hand on their deficiencies in practicing six sigma.

         In order to allow the students to be more flexible in running the projects, AC&A incorporates NLP soft skills in the program.  Dr. Rita Wan has pioneered a program Six Sigma Corporate Coaching to enable project managers deal with team members and sponsors in a more effective way. 

         Up to now, there is no requirement of completion of a project in a Six Sigma Green Belt course.  Students get no experience in running a six sigma project.

         Usually, an additional project coaching fee is required if students requested a coaching service.

         Some of the coaches are not a full time six sigma consultant and may not have six sigma deployment experience.

         No workshop is incorporated in the Six Sigma Black Belt training course for the Black Belt students to practice their skills.  Students will find difficulties when they run Six Sigma Black Belt project in their company.


         AC&A recommends students to attend two examinations. 

         The 1st one is International Six Sigma Council (ISSC)  which will conduct the final exam for all AC&A public classes.  This Council is a non-profit making organization specializing in six sigma registration.  The ISSC invited Six Sigma companies, consultants and specialists to be the advisors.  The requirements set by ISSC align with the needs of those organizations employing six sigma professionals.  ISSC is originated in Singapore and is now having rep offices in Hong Kong and China.  The students from AC&A got over 95% passing rate in ISSC exam.

         The 2nd one is American Society of Quality (ASQ) .  This is an association originating in US and has over 5 years experience in Six Sigma. 

         AC&A is very careful in choosing the qualification to be registered.  We will choose those organizations which align the needs of those companies which employ six sigma professionals.

         Some courses can only provide certificate granted by the training organization.  Questions are raised on their recognition.

         Some organizations may provide both six sigma professional registration and training together.  The value of this qualification may become lower and lower if the organization do not control the quality of the course as well as disregards the needs of the real business world in employing six sigma professionals.


Approach of the course

         AC&A uses an action learning approach to encourage students to practice the six sigma skills in the project chosen in the class.

         A lot of training organizations use a classroom approach to deliver the lecture without real application experience.

         Most of the lecturers in the class do not help to coach the students.





To join the lean six sigma professional occupation earning over HK$700,000 annually, you need to find a course that can provide you the necessary skills and qualification to capture the job opportunity.  Be careful of your choice!

Join our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt courses now!


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